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On an abnormally warm November night, I'm sitting Indian-style on the floor backstage of The Uptown Theatre, surrounded by concert equipment. A couple of tour personnel are lounging at the tables near me and the drummer of one of the other bands is practicing on a random box behind me. The anticipation grows, for a night filled with 5 hours of great music. It could be nothing other than The Nintendo Fusion Tour. A few minutes later I'm joined by Dave Powell, drummer for the band Emery. He plops down in his own Indian-style in front of me, eager and ready for our interview. Between the chaos of backstage and the sound of the first band playing, I managed to get a few questions out:

Hybrid Magazine: The Weak's End was released in 2004 and then The Question was in 2005, now in 2006 you're releasing The Question again except with the DVD. Was there a reason behind the re-release of the second album instead of moving on to a third? Was the success of The Question fueling you for the second release until you had the third album ready to go?

Dave Powell: We wanted to do the re-released because we had a lot of stuff that wasn't going to get used and a lot of DVD footage. Then we spent time on recording new acoustic things and had fun doing it. It's something we more or less wanted to do. After this tour we're going to start writing and recording the third.

HM: With these releases you've been with Tooth and Nail for almost 3 years, which is an excellent indie label and one of the most well-known. However, one of your fellow Nail members Mae has just gone major with the finish of their contract. Is there any talk of once your contract finishes, starting looking at major?

DP: We're talking about that stuff right now, cause the next record we have is the last one on Tooth and Nail, we know certain labels are interested already. Tooth and Nail wants to keep us though. We'll see, soon we'll get a better understanding.

HM: Ok, I have to bring up the most recent bit of news that has been surrounding Emery: Chopper. You had to make some changes, from a 6 piece to a 5 and just the pure adjustment to his departure. Can you tell me a little about it? Was it expected? Has there been a big effect on the band?

DP: He wanted to do some personal things and didn't really want to pursue the band anymore. Devin and Toby switch off for bass. It's different and fun cause it's different, having a 5 piece is better in a lot of ways. More room on the bus, more room on stage. But, he's missed a lot, too. I don't know if we'll replace him.

HM: It seemed like Chopper was kind of the spokesperson for the band, whereas a lot of times it's the lead singer. Have you taken over that roll?

DP: It's pretty spaced out now, everyone has to make a lot of adjustments. Everyone kind of has to take a little.

HM: You've played Warped Tour for the past 2 years, do you see yourself going to "rock 'n roll" camp for years to come?

DP: Doing it 2 years in a row is a big commitment. We love Warped Tour and have a lot of fun doing it, just not sure if we'll do it again.

HM: Speaking of tours, you're on this tour with a couple people you've toured with before: Plain White T's and Hawthorne Heights. And with Warped you've hung out with tons others. However, if you had a chance to pick your own line-up, who would you have?

DP: Bands of all time: Tom Petty, Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses, Neil Young, The Beatles. The bands right now: Flogging Molly, Jonezetta, Boys Night Out, Gym Class Heroes.

HM: In The Question your lyrics mention everything from politics to Freddie Mercury. Was there a certain theme that was aimed at for this album?

DP: Toby and Devin put together all the lyrics for the album. It's called The Question because every song title is in the form of a question. All the songs don't go together; they're all about different things. We have our message that we want to send, as a Christian band, or rather as Christians in a band, but not every song is about that.

HM: What's next for Emery? After Nintendo Fusion you're going into the studio correct? What can we be anticipating from Emery?

DP: Working on the third record, going to go to South Carolina to write. We don't even have anything official; it's all been tossed up in the air. Probably start recording around the beginning of the year. After that, I'm not sure, I'm not sure at all. We're going to try to go overseas.

Luckily we were able to finish all my questions before they tour manager came back. An enlightening and ...entertaining look into one of the more successful acts off of Tooth and Nail. They may be minus a bassist, but they are not minus any spirit. After all they are Christians in a band.

-Rachel Fredrickson


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