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Alas, Poor Rux, I knew him well…
An Interview with Rux

It was Saturday night and South by Southwest was winding into its final hours, when I found myself face to face with that Upstart Pipsqueak, Rux. It seems he had come into the BW3 to get something to eat just like I had… I grabbed my recorder and what follows is all I could make out from the tape.

DD: Rux, you old dog… How are you enjoying the festival? I had no idea you would be here.

Rux: I was kind of surprised to be rolling in here myself, actually. It's all kind of a whimsical thing for me, this whole week is a tad bit silly all-in-all. You'd never know it of course, it's a cleverly disguised secret of the suits. The bad bad suits… And of course, we are searching for Marco.

DD: What's that all about?

Rux: Well, Marco… you know who Marco is right? From the Ants? He seems to have disappeared on us and is nowhere to be found. We think he may be hiding out in either India, or San Antonio… So this was a very logical stop actually. But I was really just scouting out the opportunity to meet up with the archangel of death.

DD: Huh?

Rux: Courtney Love… that dirty whore. This kind of talk makes me need another drink. Bartendress!

DD: Oh… Hey, Is Skid here, too? What's going on with the Pipsqueaks? Can I call it the Pipsqueaks?

Rux: Sure, we do. No… you know, he's married. And when you get married you have to do married things, not go drinking in Austin with your buddies… Well, that and that secret project he's working on. But as us, we are currently working on some special Up With People editions, that have been requested by the special people at the Up with People camps around the nation. You know, special short bus editions for the people of Up with People. It's a real Hooray for Everything Smackdown! Dig? Are you hip to my jive?

DD: Sure… What secret project is that?

Rux: What secret project? I didn't say anything about a secret project… did I? If I did I'm in trouble, because then it's no secret. I can't really be at liberty to discuss it… He's actually over in Houston right now with some feds… something about a hovercraft and cabbage power… That's really all I can tell you David, or I'll have to kill you… actually, that's too much already. You'll have to come with me.

DD: Hey, how much have you had to drink?

Rux: Yeah, I know… And the corndogs for breakfast really throws me a bit out of sorts. Get's me all worked up for the rock. Do you like to rock?

DD: I love to rock, man. That's what its all about.

Rux: How are you liking the music this year, anyway? Seen anything great? Let me ask some questions here… I'm a real good ask-questioner.

DD: Well, I've seen some really good stuff and I guess my favorite would be…

Rux: Hold on to that, hombre. (At this point Rux turned around and talked to a girl who had just come in and ordered a drink… the odd thing was that he was speaking in some non-English language. About 3 minutes later he turned back to me.)

Rux: Oh man…

DD: Who was that?

Rux: I believe her name is Johanna… she's the bass player for this great Swedish band, Sahara Hotnights… I seem to be hooking myself into some sweet sweet hotnights action.

DD: I didn't know you spoke Swedish…

Rux: I don't. I was speaking to her in Dutch, she was answering in Swedish. I don't think we knew what the hell the other was saying, but hey… skirts a skirt in any language and here's her number. So I guess I'm going to finish up here and get going…

DD: Hey, is there anything you'd like to say to the Hybrid readers?

Rux: The who??? What's all this about peace and love and bombs and stuff. I just want everyone to know that music is king… right next to me and Skid, of course. And see if I don't.

And with that, the wee Rux dropped his money on the bar and headed out the door to find what I'm sure turned out to be much mischief.

David DeVoe



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